A Hairy Recession?

Out of all the reasons to grow a mustache, it looks like in our plummeting economy, it may be about saving a buck. An MSNBC article discusses a recent study:
"Sales of electric shavers and men's facial trimmers have dipped 12 percent just in the last year while beard-related activities are, well, bristling."
Who knows if lower shaver sales are directly related to the recession and guys thinking they'll save money by not shaving, but it gives facial hair growers an excuse to refute those against hairy upper lips (ie. girlfriends, wives, parents?).

I googled images of "recession graph" and this is what came up:

Hmmm, the fluctuating lines look like a cartoon drawing of a mustache to me:

Maybe there is more to the recession Stache than we think.

The article goes on for two pages talking about how facial hair is a trend these days. Wondering if the memo sent to them years ago was lost? But I guess the more love for the Stache, the better.

Oh and to the 24-year-old PR gal interviewed in the article who said, "
I find the masculinity of a beard very attractive. I’m in full support of the beard movement. Although mustaches not so much — they’re kind of sleazy, like a ‘70s cop show." ----- Yeah, so? You say it like a '70s cop show look is a bad thing.

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  1. totally is a cartoon drawing of a mustache. haha