Diagnosis: Multiple Personality Stacheorder

Clean-face Charlie Pecoraro is just Charlie Pecoraro, but slap on a Stache and he becomes ... other people. I'm not a doctor, but I'd say this an open and shut case of Multiple Personality Disorder. But since the word disorder indicates something is wrong--and clearly when you have a Stache like the one Charlie has--it should be called a Stache-order because there is not anything disorder-ish (-ly?) about a Stache.

"When I really started to grow my mustache in a committed fashion I began to see myself as a different person and I thought it was interesting," said Charlie, 28 from Burbank, CA. "As it grew into the great 'Rollie Fingers' type of curly mustache I saw a real character begin to take shape. I went out and bought a special hat. And then special glasses. Then a great bow tie."

Hmmm, uh-oh?

Now Charlie is a professional actor but his other personalities sprouted off-camera which could be worrisome, but instead it makes him pretty cool. Who doesn't like a guy with a Stache, a bow tie and special glasses--especially one that reverts to referring to himself from first person to the third person perspective ... in the same sentence. Like "I waxed my Stache, then I bought a unicycle and Charlie had fun riding it." So he may not have actually said that exactly, but I can feel it coming on in a future conversation with one of him.

Charlie isn't the only one experiencing the Multiple Personality Stacheorder. It seems he may be a little ahead of the trends because now it's pretty common--so common that they're making a movie based on the MPS plot. In the upcoming Youth in Revolt, Michael Cera's nerdy character takes on a different Stached personality with a French flair when his real self is not cool enough to catch the attention of his dream girl. Doesn't sound so far-fetched after getting to know Charlie, right? It makes me want to hang out with him. It's like making friends with several people without the hassle of shaking a bunch of hands.

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